At the PITT Computational Social Science Lab, we use large-scale behavioral and network data as well as computational approaches including network and text mining, and data visualization, to study citizen activities, interactions and relationships, and their sensemaking processes.


  • Alumni & Former Collaborating Students

  • Claudia Lopez, Ph.D.
    Academic instructor, UTFSM, Chile
    Patrick Duddas, Ph.D.
    Faculty Research Associate, Applied Research Lab, Penn State University
  • Shaghayegh Sahebi (Sherry)
    Assistant Professor, SUNY Albany
    Ruoxuan Cheng, M.S. (now Data Analyst at ShipMatrix)
  • Yihang Lu, M.S. (now Ph.D student at Arizona State U.)
    Di Jin, M.S. (now Ph.D student at U. of Michigan)
  • Daheng Wang, M.S. (now Ph.D student at U. of Notre Dame)
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